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Gooseneck Trailers

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22' - 36' Gooseneck

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The image shows a bright orange and white recreational vehicle  RV  parked on grass, with visible branding and a logo that includes an airplane.
The image is a photograph of a large, orange camper trailer parked on an asphalt surface. It features a logo and text that reads  SOUTH STAR TRAILERS  with a phone number beneath it. The background suggests the photo was taken outdoors during daylight hours.
The image is a photograph of an orange and white camper trailer parked on a gravel surface. It features text that reads  SOUTH STAR TRAILERS  at the top, followed by a phone number  219-305-2985  in bold lettering. The trailer has a blue awning with a white border and a logo on its side.
The image shows a large orange recreational vehicle  RV  parked on a gravel surface, with an open awning and a logo visible on the side.
South Star Trailers

Standard Features:

  • 16" on Center Cross Members
  • 16" on Center Tubing Roof Members
  • 16" on Center Tubing Sidewalls
  • Dual Landing Gear
  • 2 5/16" Coupler
  • 48" Side Door with Flush Lock
  • 8" Tubing Main Frame
  • (1) Aluminum Ramp Door Handle
  • .030" White Aluminum Metal
  • Screwed Exterior
  • 3/4" Plywood Floors
  • 3/8" Plywood Walls
  • (2) 12-Volt LED Dome Light
  • Access Door in Riser Face
  • (4) 5000 lb. D-Rings
  • Aluminum Fenders
  • Galvalume Roof
  • (2) Non-Powered Roof Vent
  • Anodized Front Corners
  • ATP Covered Stepwell
  • 16" Flap on Ramp Door
  • (2) 5,200 lb. Torsion Axles with E.B.
  • LED Lights
  • 7 Way Bargman Plug
  • 6' No Show Beavertail
  • Heavy Duty Ramp Door
  • Door Hold Back
  • Front Riser Enclosed by ATP
  • 30' and Above Have a One Piece Roof
  • Lionshead White Mod Wheels
    • WIth Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Radial Tires With Lionshead 1-2-5 Lifetime +
    • 1 Year (First Year) "No Excuses Guarantee"
    • 2 Year Complimentary Roadside Assistance
    • 5 Year Warranty on Radial ST Tires Lifetime Structural Warranty on All Wheels
    • + NitroFill in all Tires

About Us

From starter to pro, South Star Trailers has your back. Expert guidance, exceeding expectations, built to last.

Proudly built in the USA with Southern pride.